Electrophoresis Analyzer

Electrophoresis Analyzer


The MINICAP FLEX PIERCING instrument offers flexibility for small to medium size laboratories. The fully automated instrument meets the needs of the laboratory while providing clear-cut and precise separations utilizing the capillary electrophoresis technology. This multi-parameter instrument offers a comprehensive menu on serum and whole blood for Protein, Immunotyping, HbA1c, Hemoglobin and CDT (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin) testing. For whole blood testing, the capped tubes are gently inverted to ensure adequate mixing of the samples providing accurate results. The instrument provides complete walk-away automation reducing overall labor requirements.


Fully Automated Multi –parameter Instrument for small to medium-sized laboratories

Large Test Menu

Two capillaries, two simultaneous sample migrations

Positive ID : Full Traceability from the primary tube to final results.

Reagents Traceability

Small footprint instrument

Clear separation of all fractions of Hb variants

No interferences from common interferences : Liable HbA1c (LA1c), Carbamylated Hemoglobin (cHb), Fetal

Hemoglobin (HbF), Hemoglobin Disorders & Anemia.

Disposable reagents cups

Full traceability of the results.

Visualization of the profiles by color codes.

Sample mixing prior to analysis

NGSP & IFCC approved method for HbA1c

Bi-directional and network capabilities


No Manual intervention.

Sample type: Serum & Whole Blood capped tube.

A simple and robust instrument

Continuous Sample loading maximizes productivity and reduces biohazard Handling

Significantly reduces errors with true positive sample identification from primary tubes.

Clear-cut & Precise separation

Bar-coded reagents and controls avoid the chances of errors

Easy maintenance

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